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Unauthorized Sellers and Counterfeit Products

Unauthorized Austin Air Dealers & Counterfeit Products

Consumer Alert

Austin Air Canada sells products ONLY through authorized dealers. ONLY dealers authorized by Austin Air Canada have committed to provide excellent pre-sale and post-sale customer service and to uphold Austin Air standards.  Authorized Austin Air Canada dealers are the ONLY retailers that can convey to you, the consumer, the Austin Air factory warranty in Canada. Purchasing from an authorized dealer is the only way you get Austin Air Canada and a qualified dealer to support you in your use and enjoyment of your Austin Air product.

Not every retailer advertising Austin Air products has been authorized by Austin Air Canada to advertise or sell those products. Unauthorized sellers may be selling counterfeit, used, damaged, secondary-grade or altered products (including products that have had serial numbers removed or altered), and often do not even have the Austin Air products in inventory to sell. Consumers who have purchased from unauthorized sellers report problems contacting these unauthorized sellers for post-sale support, and in some instances have even experienced credit card fraud as a result of attempting to purchase from unauthorized sellers.

To avoid these problems, you should always buy from authorized Austin Air dealers. If you have any questions regarding whether you are dealing with an authorized Austin Air dealer you can check Austin Air’s list of authorized dealers on our website here or contact us.

To help guide you, we have compiled below a list of known unauthorized sellers. This is not a complete list, and we recommend you check the authorized dealer links above or contact us if you have any doubts. We note that unauthorized sellers may appear on a marketplace site, hosted by companies such as Amazon.com or eBay.com

The following are NOT authorized to sell Austin Air products in Canada:

  • Achoo Allergy (www.achooallergy.com)
  • National Allergy (www.natlallergy.com)
  • Allergy Buyer's Club (www.allergybuyersclub.com)
  • FilterDepot.ca / InTech Marketing (www.filterdepot.ca)
  • TheAirPurifiers.com (InTech Marketing)
  • Simon Air Quality
  • Home Air Filters
  • FreedomSale (on Amazon)
  • Our Pampered Home Canada (on Amazon)
  • T&T Enterprises LLC
  • Down to Comfort (on Amazon)
  • Balkowitsch Enterprises (on Amazon)
  • BIGe (on Amazon)
  • Vision Store USA (on Amazon)
  • True MEN (on Amazon)
  • Beyond Heaven (on Amazon)
  • Clean Air Solutions LLC (on Amazon)
  • Victros LLC (on Amazon)
  • UrbanInspirations (on Amazon)
  • DREIMART CA (on Amazon)
  • D2CANADA (on Amazon)
  • BOOK_N_ART (on Amazon)
  • Woel World (on Amazon)
  • dbgogo (on Amazon)
  • clickhere2shop (on Amazon)
  • dg brandon (on Amazon)
  • Good Vac (www.goodvac.com)

Is your company listed above?  Please contact us to discuss at sales@austinair.ca