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HEPA Air Purifier Filters for Dental Clinics

As a global leader in air purification, our mission is to protect people by providing clean air to breathe.
Breathing fresh, clean, energizing air results in more productivity, fewer respiratory illnesses, and a safer, healthier environment in your dental clinic for patients and staff alike.

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Austin Air Purifiers:

Eliminate airborne infectious agents

Bacterial, viral and fungal particles are introduced into the air in the course of treating patients. The human mouth can harbor more than 350 different types of bacteria. Drilling into teeth, bones, and tissues can disperse microbes from saliva and blood into the air. These fine droplets can stay airborne for hours, creating a source of potential infection for staffand patients alike.

Eliminate bio-aerosols

Ultrasonic instruments and the constant need to disinfect surfaces create bio-aerosols that decrease air quality. These particles, along with fine and ultra-fine particles, reach deep into lungs and can be absorbed into the bloodstream, which is unhealthy for patients and even worse for the dental professionals who are exposed to these particles every day.

Eliminate odours, chemicals and VOC’s

Mercury vapors can enter the air when amalgam fillings are removed. These vapors and other odours present in most dental practices can be a major source of patient anxiety.


Clinical trials conducted by Johns Hopkins and Cincinnati Children's Hospital show that Austin Air Puriers improve overall respiratory health.

Why Austin Air Purifiers:

Industry experience

We operate one of the largest air purifier manufacturing facilities in the world at 480,000 square feet and have been the North American market leader in the air cleaning industry for over 30 years.

Made in USA

Our air purifiers are manufactured in Buffalo, NY and distributed across Canada from our location in Waterloo, Ontario.

Trusted partners

We are recognized and used by FEMA, American Red Cross,US Army, Government of California, and Health Canada.

Quality craftsmanship

Our air purifiers are built with a 23 gauge steel unit body, 23 gauge steel filter body, and non-toxic powder coated, water based paint that doesn’t off-gas.

Superior performance

Our air purifiers provide 4 stages of filtration using a medical grade MERV-17 HEPA filter. The Austin Air 400 series can exchange the air in a 100 square foot space once every 5 minutes when set on high.

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