Indoor air quality

Indoor Air Quality

Mold Spores are a leading cause of sick building syndrome and sick human beings.  Mold spores are one of the most underrated threats to personal well-being in the home. Visit the HM405/HM205 Allergy Machine designed for mold and environments with higher than average humidity.

Tobacco Smoke Studies show that second hand tobacco smoke has potentially fatal consequences, even for non-smokers.  Consider the HM405/HM205 Allergy Machine for Designed for Smoke

Pet Allergens It's not their fur, but rather a protein found in a pet's dander or saliva that poses the greatest threat to a person's well-being.  Check out the HM410 Pet Machine designed for Pet Dander and Odors.

Dust Mites One single dust ball can contain as many as 250,000 house dust mites, every one of them provoking allergies and asthma.  Our original HealthMate line is the best for dust and allergens.

Toxic Gases & Chemicals Today's homes are so air tight, concentrations of gases and chemicals can build up to dangerous levels which directly affects our health and well-being.  Choose our HealthMate + Plus air purifiers to filter chemicals.

Airborne Particles Small substances that are light enough to be carried by air can penetrate deep into your lungs and cause chronic illness.  Our HealthMate products are ideal for most indoor air quality concerns.

How can I maximize the air quality in my home?

Source Control First, make sure to control or remove the source of the air pollution. This is your first and strongest line of defense .  This can involve removing, controlling how much you use of a specific product or substituting for a different product.

VentilationBring air from the outside in and circulate the air in your home.

Air Purification Introduce an Austin air purifier into your home and significantly improve the air quality indoors.