Our Story

Our mission has always been helping people, and over the last 30 years our focus has remained the same. The Austin Air story began with Austin Air co-creator, Joyce Taylor. Joyce has severe breathing problems and nothing seemed to help. She and husband and co-creator, Richard Taylor, discovered the hospital "clean room" was the only place she could find relief. Joyce and Richard were determined to create a solution that could vastly improve their health and the health of many other families. This motivation led to Austin Air manufacturing the world's best personal air cleaner.

Our Inspiration

Inspired by the hospital "clean room" and drawing from its technology, we created True Medical Grade HEPA filter paper. Clean rooms are designed to control the air by filtering it of dust and particles; a concept that we replicated and applied to everyday living.

How We Grew

People heard about our clean air solution, and by word-of-mouth, Austin Air grew from a handful of hand-assembled units and filters to a full manufacturing process. Since then, we've expanded our business to over 470,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space. Although we've grown, every aspect of Austin Air manufacturing is controlled in-house, just as it started.

Our Customers

We share our success with our customers. We set out to provide a solution to help people with breathing issues, and our customers have been part of the Austin Air journey. Over the years, we've received valuable feedback that has shaped our product to be what it is today; the best air cleaner on the market. Over 52 customer insights have been put into action to improve our product. Air is something we all share, so we think it's important to hear what our customers have to say in order to help the next person.

Why We Care About Clean Air So Much

Clean air is essential to good health. Breathing shouldn't be something you think about...it should be easy. For this reason, we are committed to manufacturing the world's best personal air cleaner. Breathe easy.

8 Reasons to Invest In an Austin Air Purifier

Austin’s customized solutions for pet allergies feature HEPA-OdorCell filtration to capture pet dander, dust and pet odors in your home.

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