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Every unit has been repaired to near factory specification but “may come” with dent(s), scratch(s), or minor imperfections.  Units may be refurbished or previously returned by a customer under the 30-day return policy.  

Returned units must pass our inspection process and have not been subject to anything that would compromise the integrity of the unit or filter such as using the unit during a renovation or in an area with a high concentration of airborne chemicals such as during painting.

Every unit will be fully covered by the 5 year factory warranty, effective from the purchase date. All filters will also be covered by the same 5 year pro-rated warranty, effective from the date of purchase.

All clearance unit sales are final.

Available Clearance Units:

8 Reasons to Invest In an Austin Air Purifier

Austin’s customized solutions for pet allergies feature HEPA-OdorCell filtration to capture pet dander, dust and pet odors in your home.

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