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The HealthMate HM200 is the junior version of the original Austin air purifier and is an excellent choice for those in search of an air purifier that can help to relieve allergies, asthma, dust and odors.  For those looking for a unit that does an excellent job at removing VOCs and formaldehyde from the air then you'll want to consider our HealthMate + Plus HM250 model.
If you need an air purifier that's still able to perform well in environments with higher than normal humidity levels the our Allergy Machine HM205 which uses activated carbon cloth in place of granular carbon is your best choice.  This unit is also lighter weight and is ideal for baby nurseries or expecting mothers since the air purifier is easier to move around.  
Two additional colours, baby blue and pink, are available in the Baby's Breath HM205 unit
The included filter is designed to last up to five years in a residential setting.

8 Reasons to Invest In an Austin Air Purifier

Austin’s customized solutions for pet allergies feature HEPA-OdorCell filtration to capture pet dander, dust and pet odors in your home.

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