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HEPA and Carbon filters are your new best friends...

Carbon and HEPA filters are very effective and efficient at removing the smell of marijuana smoke while cleaning the air of smoke particulates. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air.

True HEPA is the most effective particulate filtering material on the market, made from very fine paper (not synthetic materials). Unlike electrostatic precipitators or air filters that use negative ions, a HEPA filter can actually intercept and trap unbelievably small particulates which allow the air to remain clean without the creation of harmful byproducts. A medical grade HEPA air purifier will clean the smoke particulate you can see, but more importantly, it can help eradicate the particles that you can't!

Austin Air purifiers also combat weed smoke by employing an active carbon filter. Activated carbon is produced by exposing a source of carbon to extreme heat, causing it to become more porous and increasing its surface area. One tiny piece of activated carbon has so many pores that the surface area may be larger than a regulation football field. The porous surface of activated carbon works to absorb odours and chemicals as air passes through it.  Standard size Austin Air filters contain a granular carbon bed that's one inch to remove smoke and odours from the air. 

A carbon filter is a key part of the smoker's air purifier as it’s tasked with the initial filtering of the odours and contaminants associated with smoking before the HEPA filter finishes the job.   No other element is as capable of this as carbon..or charcoal as you may know it.

Below are some of the best air filters which can remove cannabis odour as well as clean the air of fine 2.5PM particulate matter.

8 Reasons to Invest In an Austin Air Purifier

Austin’s customized solutions for pet allergies feature HEPA-OdorCell filtration to capture pet dander, dust and pet odors in your home.

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