Austin Air Purifiers and Filters for Chemical Sensitivities and Toxic Gases

The HealthMate + Plus HM450, provides the same benefits as the standard HealthMate HM400 , the impregnation of potassium iodide (along with the zeolite), provides greater relief for people with severe chemical sensitivities.

* Also known as the HM450, HM460, HM480 depending on the local market.

The HealthMate + Plus model in the 400 Series is similar to the standard HM400 model but with the addition of potassium iodide in the carbon portion of the filter.  The additive allows the HM450 to better absorb chemicals and VOCs from the air such as formaldehyde.  This unit is the perfect choice for those who have moved into a new construction home where there are construction materials that are off-gassing as well as those with air pollution concerns from outside.