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What Triggers Asthma in Canada?

July 24, 2018

What Triggers Asthma in Canada?

Over the past few decades, asthma triggers have been on the rise. Why? Well, air pollution is a culprit.

"Between 1979 and today, the proportion of asthma sufferers in Canada more than tripled. Over the same time, other countries saw a rise, especially among children" (Readers Digest).

The front-runner theory: air pollution.

"Certain pollutants, such as ozone and particulate matters (two components of smog), are known to irritate lungs. Research also suggests that long-term exposure to air pollution may slow lung growth in kids" (Readers Digest)

Asthma Canada breaks down asthma triggers into two categories: Inflammatory triggers, such as dust mites, moulds, pollens, and animals, and symptom triggers, including smoke, chemical fumes, and more. Both types of triggers include air pollutants.

Get Relief From Your Asthma Symptoms

If you have asthma, the best thing you can do is avoid the elements that will trigger you. Although this sounds simple, many families don't take this step.

"Among families where a child has asthma triggered by animal dander, 39 per cent keep a furry pet" (Readers Digest).

You may not be able to control the air outside, but with an air purifier, you can ensure the air in your home is clean.

An air purifier can help remove triggering elements from the air in your home, bringing relief to asthma sufferers. HealthMate HEPA Air Purifiers remove particles and chemicals from the air, giving you the cleanest air to breathe at home.

More Asthma Triggers in Canada

Other triggers are blamed for asthma attacks and symptoms in Canada. These include changes in the climate, a longer allergy season, a theory on over-sanitized environments, and more.


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