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Poor indoor air quality? Your HVAC system could be to blame

October 22, 2019

Poor indoor air quality? Your HVAC system could be to blame

It’s probably up there as one of the more boring chores we have to consider. But having your Heating Ventilation and Cooling System cleaned is important, particularly for people with allergies and respiratory issues. And, if you can see mold in the system, an excessive dust and debris build up or signs of insects or vermin – it is definitely time to call a technician!

As well as improving air quality, a clean and well-maintained HVAC system will run more efficiently and therefore prolong the lifespan of your system. But there are a few things to consider beforehand. Your technician may want to use chemicals and fungicides to clean the inside of the ducts, to prevent future problems. They may also want to use sealants, to stop dust and debris from being released. But using such products is not without risk, particularly if you have allergies, chemical sensitivity or ongoing respiratory problems. Talk to your technician about the cleaning procedure they plan to follow, before any work is carried out.

It is also important that the cause of the problem is addressed to ensure it does not reoccur. If there is excessive mold build up in you HVAC system, the cause of the moisture needs to be established. If there is insect or rodent activity, this also needs to be deal with, before any effective cleaning can take place.

And remember, a clean, well maintained HVAC system is only one way to keep indoor pollutants to a minimum. For info on the sources of indoor pollution found in most homes, take a look at this link

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