Day-To-Day Living With Year-Round Allergies

July 18, 2018

Day-To-Day Living With Year-Round Allergies

Allergy irritants, symptoms and sufferers come in all forms. Seasonal allergy sufferers get hit hard in the Spring and Summer with reactions from pollens, whereas other allergy suffers can feel symptoms throughout the year.

For year-round allergy sufferers, day-to-day life can be significantly impacted by allergy symptoms caused by pet dander and hair, dust, chemical sensitivities, indoor air pollution, and much more. Breathing and alleviating allergy symptoms are thoughts that take up time and space which could be devoted to other areas of a person’s life.

When your allergies are triggered by non-seasonal irritants (such as dust, pets and chemicals), you can be prone to symptoms every day of the year. It can be frustrating to know that they won’t disappear when the calendar flips to the next month.

Austin Air customers have found that an air purifier can make a significant difference in a matter of days.

I have had this unit in my living room. I’ve been using it for a week now and I find less dust in the air and the air in more fresh. I have allergies, and I find with my dog that is helps quite a bit. I am not nearly as stuffy as I was before I received this unit.” - Rick P.

This particular review came from the HealthMate + Plus HM450 Standard HEPA Air Purifier, an ideal solution for anyone looking to effectively remove dust, pollen and smoke elements from the air. This model can also provide relief for those with severe chemical sensitivities.

Clear air is essential to good health which is why it’s so important. When you have year-round allergies, it’s important to do everything you can to create a fresh environment so you can relax, not think about your symptoms, and enjoy your life.

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