Is an Air Purifier Worth the Investment?

April 21, 2017

Is an Air Purifier Worth the Investment?

Is an air purifier worth the investment


Air purifiers can be pricey, and it isn’t just the initial investment of the unit, either. Air purifiers require regular maintenance as well as regular filter replacement to function efficiently. Before making an investment in an air purification system, it is logical to ask the question, “Is an air purifier worth the money and time needed to keep it running smoothly?”

Austin Air knows that air purifiers are indeed worth the investment. In fact, once you’ve used one in your home, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to live without one. You’ll find that an air purifier does much more you could have imagined.

There are numerous ways that an air purifier can improve your everyday life. Here are just a few examples:

Dust Reduction:
If you want to keep your home clean, the best place to start is by cleaning your air. Dust is composed of many tiny airborne pollutants – pollen, mold spores, skin cells, pet dander, dust mites, and even insect debris. But no matter what your household dust consists of, an air purifier with a HEPA filter, will remove it from the air. When an air purifier is working properly, you’ll actually see less dust settle on your furniture, floors, and other surfaces of your home.

Allergy Control:
Allergies and asthma are usually provoked by the inhalation of microscopic allergens and particles floating around in the air. When inhaled, these particles often trigger fits of coughing, sneezing, and difficulty breathing, especially in allergy and asthma sufferers. Since indoor air often has a higher concentration of allergens than outside, many allergy sufferers find that their condition worsens when they’re inside. Utilizing an air purifier will help filter allergens from the air inside your home, therefore allowing you to breathe easier.

Odor Removal:
Strong odors in the home can be embarrassing, especially when you are entertaining guests. Lingering pet odor and the pungent lingering smell of some foods can leave you feeling awkward and humiliated. Lighting candles or using air fresheners may seem like a solution, but they only mask the scent. They don’t get rid of it. An air purifier with a charcoal-based activated carbon filter absorbs and neutralizes strong odors permanently, so you’ll never be embarrassed by the smell of your home again.

Absorption of Harmful Chemicals:
Cleaning supplies, paint, plastics, and solvents can emit volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs, into the air of your home. Sometimes these chemicals can even leach into the air from nearby roads and highways. VOCs, especially when found in high concentrations, can be detrimental to respiratory health. By using an air purifier with a charcoal-based activated carbon filter, you can reduce the level of VOCs in the air you breathe.

Why Choose Austin Air?
It doesn’t matter what specifically concerns you about your indoor air quality, Austin Air purifiers can help make your indoor air cleaner. We use True Medical-Grade HEPA filtration medium in our filters, as well as Charcoal-Based Activated Carbon to absorb chemicals and neutralize odors.

We use special technology multiple stage filtration which makes our filters more efficient and longer lasting. This means fewer filter changes and easier maintenance to save you money.

Our products are made of quality materials. Our purifiers and filters are made of steel, not cheap plastic, and we use baked-on water-based paint to ensure there’s no toxic off-gassing. We want to improve the quality of the air you breathe, not make it worse.

Austin Air has been serving consumers for over 30 years. All our Austin Air American-made purifiers come with a five-year warranty, and our filters come with their own five-year pro-rated warranty. By choosing Austin Air, you’re making a sound decision to improve your family’s health and your life. Like our motto says, “Austin Air. Clean Air for Life.”

Product Recommendation: For general indoor air quality concerns regarding allergies, asthma, household dust and pollen, Austin Air recommends the HealthMate model line of air purifiers.  The HealthMatecomes in two sizes; the standard size HM400 (cleans up to 1,500 square feet) and the junior size HM200 (cleans up to 700 square feet and is ideal for bedrooms and small apartments).

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