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Coping With Cottage Allergies

July 31, 2018

Coping With Cottage Allergies

In Canada, we love our Summer long weekends. It's a great time to head up to a cottage, cabin or campsite for a few days of fun and relaxation.

Step out of the car, take a deep breath of fresh air in....and then sniffle and sneeze. Cottage country is full of beautiful nature, trees, grass, and lots of pollen. For seasonal allergy sufferers, the cottage can induce itchy eyes, runny nose and other allergy symptoms.

"Pollen is the main cause of seasonal allergies, better known as hay fever—and many common cottage-country trees and grasses, including maple, pine, and blue fescue, are particularly pollen-heavy. Tree pollen season, which can cause symptoms in up to a quarter of hay fever sufferers, starts between late March and mid-May. Grass pollen, which causes problems for up to 95 percent people with seasonal allergies, starts between late May and mid-July" (Cottage Life).

Will Staying Inside The Cottage Help?

Inside the cottage can also be host to many allergy triggers. Pollens can make their way inside the cottage on your clothes, in a gust of wind, or through the windows. Plus, dust, mold and mildew smells can accumulate over the off-season, greeting you with a stale, stuffy welcome.

If you're craving fresh air and a relaxing long weekend at the cottage, don't let your allergies get in the way. Aair purifier is a great solution.

Clean the cottage air so you can breathe easy. Remove dust, pollen and other pesky allergens from the air inside, and get the relief you need.


Read more about coping with cottage allergies.


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