Clean Air Day | Canada's Air Quality

June 06, 2018

Clean Air Day | Canada's Air Quality

Wednesday, June 6, 2018 is Clean Air Day!

Clean air is essential to good health. That's why we are committed to producing the world's best air cleaner.

Canada’s air quality has improved significantly over the last several decades. This is largely due to federal, provincial and territorial governments working together to reduce air pollution from vehicles, power plants, and industries across the country.

Reducing harmful emissions is improving air quality in Canada and reducing health issues related to air pollution, such as asthma and cardiovascular diseases. Each year, over 14,000 premature deaths in Canada are linked to air pollution from human activity.  Reducing air pollution also helps the economy by enabling Canadian families and businesses to avoid health-related expenses and missed work.

Take control of the air quality in your home with an Austin Air Purifier. Our product guide can help you find the air purifier that is the best fit for your family and your specific situation.

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