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What kind of filter does Austin Air use?

What exactly is a HEPA filter?

When would you recommend a Standard unit vs. a Junior?

What is the difference between the Allergy Machine and the HealthMate?

What is the difference between the HealthMate and the HealthMate + Plus?

Why are Austin Air's products superior to others on the market?

How do I know Austin Air is really the best?

What contaminants will Austin Air cleaners remove from the air?

Do Austin Air cleaners produce any dangerous by-products?

How reliable is the construction?

The model number on the bottom of my Austin air purifier is different from what I've ordered

Using and maintaining your Austin Air purifier

Is it complicated to operate?

How many filters are inside the Austin Air cleaner?

How do I maintain my Austin Air cleaner?

Where should I place my Austin Air cleaner for maximum effectiveness?

How do I know when the filter is full and should be replaced?

What would cause a filter to fill up in less than 5 years?

How should my Austin Air cleaner be positioned in a room?

Is the air cleaner noisy to operate?

Does the unit produce any harmful substances?

Does the Austin Air cleaner require any special maintenance?

Can Austin Air cleaners be left on all the time?

Technical Questions

How many square feet of HEPA does each unit have?

How much space do Austin Air cleaners effectively clean?

What is the CFM rate?

What is the CAD rate? (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

What is Zeolite?

What is activated carbon?

What are the carbon and zeolite used for?

What is the pre-filter made of?

How much electricity do Austin Air cleaners consume?